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Content Routing for the Distributed Web

An Interplanetary Network Indexer built for IPFS and Filecoin

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About CID Contact


Content routing is the a term used to describe the problem of finding providers for a given piece of content. If you have a hash, or CID of some data, how do you find who has it in the IPFS and Filecoin system?


In IPFS, a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) is used as a decentralized answer to content routing. However, when considering the number of records in Filecoin storage providers, it is clear that simply announcing these records to the DHT will place an undue burden on current DHT participants. It will take too much bandwidth and storage space to be practical.

Connected Circles

CID Contact encompasses a number of work streams to increase the scalability and resilience of content routing. Network Indexer provides aggregated views of content routing, and harness the heterogeneity of network resources. Delegated Content Routing defines protocols for multiple content routing providers to be discovered and used safely, efficiently, and in a decentralized manner by clients.


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